Saturday, October 23, 2010

P-51 Mustang Complete

Yeah! Here is my completed Dragon P-51d Mustang. It took about 25 hours to complete and it was just difficult enough to challenge my skill level but also keep me interested. I added detail to the engine compartment and I detailed the gun bays including building doors for both. The whole model was airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics with the exception of the interior color which was Model Master Acrylic. The whole plane was coated with Future and decals were added then coated with Tamiya Flat coat out of the can. Weathering was done with a combination of pre and post shading with Tamiya Smoke and Tamiya Black. Pain chipping was done with aluminum enamal.

I named the airplane after my daughter Lucy and gave it a fictional paint job. I wasn't striving for period accuracy, but I was just looking for a fun build that I could name after my daughter. I had good time building this kit and look forward to more 1:32 scale kits. Perhaps one of the new b-25 kits that are coming soon.

Thanks to my sister Vanessa who did a great job taking the pictures of the completed model.
I just wanted to upload this super cute picture of my Daughter Lucy! She is the greatest and I am so lucky to have her. I love her so much!

Friday, October 15, 2010

New updates soon

Sorry its been a while, I have recently completed my P-51 and I have plenty of pictures to post, and I have recently started a pirate ship and I will have pictures of that to show as well. The fish are doing great and loving life, I am getting ready to start my Beta bowl. Thats all for the moment. More pictures will fallow soon.