Tuesday, August 2, 2011

B-17F Memphis Belle Project

I have finally decided to begin construction of my in-flight "Memphis Belle" model. I have spent a while trying to decide just how I wanted the airplane to look and also how much detail I wanted to put into it. Well, I have decided to go all out in detailing. In short I plan on scratch building most (95%) of the interior, including a fully detailed bomb bay, I will be posing it in-flight, wheels up, with the bomb bay doors open. The full crew will be visible at their posts. The biggest decision I had to make was weather I wanted to use the revell b-17f model, which has no detail what-so-ever, or graft on the nose of the revell model onto the Monogram b-17g model, which has much more detail, and is more conducive to an in-flight model, but would be 100 times more work. In the end I opted for the hardest path to provide more detail. So last night I began by taking apart one of my old b-17g models, striping it of paint and decals, and began grafting on the b-17f nose. I have also begun research and sketches of the bomb bay and cockpit so that I can begin building those parts. I Also plan to give it a mix of 150 lb and 250 lb bombs.

Above I have removed the nose off of the G model in preparation to receive the F model nose.Above I have started removing decals and paint.
Above is a shot just prior to removing the decals.
Above is the F model nose to be attached to the G model fuselage.
Above shows both sections of the F model nose attached to the G model Fuselage. You can also see on the paper below the model where I have begun to make some sketches of the interior bulkheads and bomb rack.

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  1. Looks good so far! I can't wait to see the amount of detailing that you put into it. I hope that you listen to Danny Boy while you make it, maybe it will help :)