Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mustang Pictures

Greetings, as promised here are some in-progress pictures of the mustang I am working on. everything I have done up to this point has all been interior things. The engine, the cockpit, all of the radiators and the rear landing gear. All of the interior parts were given a coat of Nato Black to act as a primer and to create a dark base to apply the next colors. Next the parts were given a coat of U.S. Interior Green. Once dried, I sprayed on a coat of Flat Clear to protect the paint, then began all of the detail painting. I also painted and assembled the Propeller Hub. This was where I encountered my first hiccup in the build. I had finished painting the propeller blades and had given them a coat of future to prepare them for decals, but when I placed the decals on the blades the immediately stuck in the wrong position and was unable to move them into the correct position, so I had to strip of the decals, re-sand the blades and repaint them. The now look pretty good.

Also as an update on the fish tank, I did my first partial water change yesterday. A partial water change is when you remove about 10-20% of the tank water and replace it with fresh conditioned water. This helps remove dangerous nitrates that build up in the water and can harm the fish. It also allows one to clean the gravel slightly and get any trapped food or waste particles.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Brett,
    The model is looking really good so far. I've never really appreciated all the work that goes into your models, so, i'm glad that you give me and your readers this chance to see all the hard work that really goes into your hobby. I can't wait to see more pictures and the final result! I hope that your fishies enjoyed their new water and are doing well. Can't wait for more posts!!